Elizabeth Parent

Artist Bio
From the Lekwungen and WSANEC territories of Southern Vancouver Island, I am a process oriented interdisciplinary artist of Dominican, French and Ukrainian descent. Drawing
inspiration from the natural environment and a fascination with biodiversity, I tend to examine
connections between human behavior and the lifeforms surrounding us. I am fascinated with specialized adaptation and
small repetitive forms found in nature. Being a primarily self-taught artist until 2021,
I am currently earning my diploma of Visual arts at Camosun College where I have enjoyed exploring new mediums and processes.

Artists Statement
I am an emerging interdisciplinary artist born and raised on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen and WSANEC peoples known as Victoria, BC, Canada. I draw most of my inspiration from the colors, patterns and behaviors displayed by the vast life forms found in local aquatic and intertidal environments. Since childhood, my curiosity for the world’s strange and diverse animal and plant life such as mollusks, amphibians and seaweeds has been unwavering. Fueled by an insatiable urge to try new mediums and ways of using them, I enjoy exploring the connections between diverse life forms. I am interested in how small and specialized creatures mirror our human selves, and the impact living things have on one another.

Primarily a self-taught artist until I began my time at Camosun College in winter of 2021, discovery and experimentation with mediums has been the basis of my work. My love of color has driven me to collect paints, with acrylics and watercolors being my favorites. Processes have always been my greatest motivator in art making, and the more tactile the medium the more exciting the process for me. In the past this has led to my exploration of glassblowing, fiber arts and papier-Mache among other things. Preferring to work with an intuitive, hands-on approach, I have rediscovered a passion for clay at Camosun and have become highly motivated to include ceramics in my practice. As a medium clay is of particular interest to me for its potential in exploring that connection between human life and the Environment. I am currently studying the processes and mediums involved in photography, video, and printmaking and how they can best be used to explore these same themes.

Elizabeth Parent CV


In Progress since 2021 Diploma of Visual Arts Camosun College, Victoria, BC

1999 Victoria High School, Victoria, BC

Grants and Awards:

2023 Victoria Foundation – Don & Evelyn MacLean Bursary

2022 Clay Foundation Award

Canadian Club of Victoria - Irene McDonald Bursary

2021 Victoria Foundation - Ruth Elina Carlson Entrance Bursary

IODE - Garry Oak Chapter Bursary

Victoria Foundation - Don & Evelyn MacLean Bursary

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Winter 2023 Saudade. Camosun Visual Arts Grad Show, Uptown Blvd, 2023, Victoria, BC

Winter 2023 Tranquility. Camosun Undefined Space gallery, 2023, Victoria BC

Winter 2023 Ephemeral Light. Camosun Undefined Space Gallery, 2023, Victoria, BC

Winter 2022 Foreward. Camosun Undefined Space Gallery, 2022, Victoria, BC

Winter 2022 The Body. Camosun Library vitrine, 2021, Victoria, BC

Winter 2022 Colour. Camosun Undefined Space Gallery, 2022, Victoria, BC

Winter 2022 Roots. Camosun Undefined Space Gallery, 2022, Victoria, BC

Fall 2021 Ceramic Self-Portrait. Camosun Library vitrine, 2021, Victoria, BC

Fall 2021 Raku. Camosun Library vitrine, 2021, Victoria, BC

Exhibitions Curated:

April 2023 Saudade, Group curated, Camosun College, Uptown Blvd

April 2022 Foreward, Group curated, Camosun College, Undefined Space Gallery

February 2022 Identity, Group curated, Camosun College, Undefined Space Gallery

January 2022 Open Circuit, Group curated, Camosun College Undefined Space Gallery